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Random Quotes

This is where I will post funny things I hear people saying or they say to me or maybe even funny things I say (although sadly I generally only say funny things unintentionally–but at least I can laugh at myself).

“This is India, Man, what do you expect?”– Azeem Samuel

“I’m a girl, before I am a good girl. And he says a man before he is a gentleman.” –Lovey

“T.I.I. This is India”– Biju Mathew

“Looking quite nice, so Indian.” — girl at Metro station

“My God, yo stomak is like paper!” –Julie from Manipoir

“I told Prem you should help with the Christmas program, you are adversment (pronounced in Brit. way). Walking adversment.”–Azeem Samuel (Sam)

“Are there pretty girls in Andhra? –Sam to Prem “No, well the pretty girls don’t leave thier house.” –Prem’s response

“Am I scadalizing you?” –Anjal while drinking, smoking, and cussing “I’m American.” –me (implying it is impossible to scandlize me because I am American).

“Listen, Absolutely Listen—you have love-sick eyes.” Random Fourture Teller at Canaught Place trying to get Abby and my attention as we walked by

“Genuine, Camel Leather Madam,” The Vender at Red Fort said to Christin. Christin responded, “sorry for the camel.” Soniya laughed and repeated Christin for the rest of our time together.

“Welcome to India!” -the taxi drivers at the airport as we drove back to our flat after Christin missed her flight to go to the U.S.


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